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Family Support at UCP

UCP currently supports over 800 families of children who experience cerebral palsy, or a closely-related disability. Find out more about what we do!


Our Vision:

We believe that in order to serve children, the welfare of the entire family must be addressed. We also believe it is vital for families to have a variety of choices for their children. Parents can make better choices for their children when good information is available.


Our Staff:

The Family Support Department is always managed by a parent of a child who experiences cerebral palsy.  So, when you call us, you will speak with a parent who knows what you are going through. We can offer you real support, resources, suggestions, and hope.  We know that parenting a child who experiences cerebral palsy can be hard work, but with a little support, it can also be incredibly rewarding!


What We Do:

  • Information and Referral
  • Family Outings
  • Teen/Young Adult Outings
  • Support Groups
  • Educationally-Related Grants
  • Newsletter
  • Conference (Bi-Annual)
  • Occasional Respite Care


Department History

The Family Support Department was launched in 1984 by three volunteers, all mothers of children who experience cerebral palsy. The department was created in response to a flood of calls from parents requesting services and focused mainly on advocacy.  In 1985, funding was approved for a paid position and since that time the department has been evolving.


Ready To Find Out More?

Please contact Susan Cushman at 503-777-4166 x332 or send an

    • Fierce Love


A stage play written by six mothers of children with cerebral palsy.

About the play:

Six UCP moms gathered for ten weeks to share and write about their lives, families, experiences and especially their journeys with their children who have cerebral palsy.

Their writings were turned into a theater production.  "Fierce Love" is authentic, riveting, and inspiring. These mothers share their hopes, life truths, and admit their biggest fears in their messy and brilliantly beautiful lives.

Buy your copy of the full theater performance on DVD today!!



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